On 5 May 2023 at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, our innovative startup was awarded the prestigious “America Innovation” 2023 award from the Italy/USA Foundation, an international award for the best innovative and competitive Italian startups in the global market.

Winners of the America Innovation Award and the related scholarship for a ‘Master’s Degree in Leadership for International Relations and Made in Italy’ were selected by the Italy/USA Foundation, through the Company Registry and the Chamber of Commerce system, on the basis of various parameters indicative of the start-ups’ competitiveness and innovative investments.

Chamber of Deputies in Rome

Alongside the historic America Award, destined for the most prestigious international personalities, the America Innovation Award aims to enhance Italian entrepreneurial talents who have conceived and realised innovative and competitive start-ups in global market and world challenges.

America Innovation Award picked up by our CEO Andrea Baldini

An international prestige award that represents a qualification and quality certification for the best Made in Italy companies to investors.

Since 2018 we at AR Market

are specialised in designing and developing experiences enhanced by immersive Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Spaces 360° technologies for Events, Fashion, Retail, Gaming, Art, Tourism, Education.

We have recently developed a B2B SaaS platform for the creation of Virtual Spaces and 360° Photo Digital Twin with a Hosting service.

We transform a traditional website into an interactive, 360° navigable and dynamic environment, customisable and usable from any device for an ‘immersive web’ experience for all generations.

Using an integrated CMS (Content Management System), customers can independently update their Virtual 360° environment to be continuously used over time and space.

We also offer Full-Custom Virtual 360° solutions to meet every businesses customisation needs and upsell content such as AR solutions, VR, 3D modelling, Avatars, Holograms.

Discover how to transform your website into a Virtual 360° Space to create a new way of interaction and engagement for your audience!