Mixed Reality, is a technology that combines aspects of real reality with the power of virtual reality allowing one to experience scenarios that do not exist.

Among the devices that allow for Mixed Reality experiences is Microsoft HoloLens, the first holographic computer that enables interaction with digital content and holograms displayed in the world around the wearer. It allows users to visualise multimedia content while still remaining anchored in the real world that becomes an integral part of the user experience. 

Mixed reality technology is being applied in many business sectors: in marketing, sales, manufacturing, design, logistics, and more.


In the design industry, the car manufacturer Ford was among the first to use mixed reality in the company a few years ago. Through this technology, Ford allowed its engineers and designers to use it in combination with traditional clay prototypes and existing models for faster and cheaper design.

With RM, there was no longer a need to recreate a new prototype for every design change and the single clay prototype became the basis for an infinite number of design ideas.

By using HoloLens, Ford’s design team was able to make the necessary design decisions for each vehicle faster and collaborate better with their engineering and management partners. 

Source: Medium.com

According to Jim Holland, Ford’s Vice President, the advantage of HoloLens was that it allowed the digital creation to be visualised on a full scale, and its effects to be analysed much more quickly. It is also possible to view the vehicle from all angles, which is not possible on a computer screen.

As an example, as the vice president said, for the side mirror of a vehicle, with HoloLens it was possible to adjust the size and shape of the mirror almost in real time. At the same time, engineers could see through the headset what drivers see when they look through the mirrors.

Ford’s engineers, therefore, did not have to create a physical model to analyse and understand the visibility implications of its design, which usually takes days or weeks.

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