The report The metaverse: the future of work? by Regus, an organisation that analyses changes within workspaces worldwide, states that the future of all occupations lies in the Metaverse
This conclusion was reached after experts surveyed 2,258 British employees and business executives to assess and learn their perspectives on the new metaverse technology trend. 

Undoubtedly, technology comes to the aid of education as it plays the role of an intermediary between the interlocutors.


During the pandemic period, as for students, advanced training or further education for workers were interrupted or canceled altogether. 

At the same time, however, they began to open up to distance education: at first through various online video call platforms for distance learning and smart working, but then also through much more immersive platforms. These technologies helped accelerate the technological development that now sees the Metaverse as a new opportunity for evolution in education.

However, despite much skepticism about its actual development, Metaverse opens up potentially unexplored new territories for companies as well. 

Training in the virtual world means guaranteeing students and employees effective and interactive learning, where the norm is a 360° degree enjoyment of content in a virtual space where the differences between real and virtual tend to flatten out.

Metaverse, this parallel virtual world of which so much is spoken these days, is still to be understood and defined. Many companies would like to enter it but do not know how and their audience is not yet prepared.

It provides value in bringing people together in a shared space to stimulate creativity and allows more in-depth training to be offered to employees remotely without losing the ‘hands-on’ part of learning.


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Metaverse is without any doubt the ideal opportunity for this industry to take a step forward, due to its potential to enhance the teaching and training experience by providing a unique immersive learning environment.

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