Metaverse is a concept discussed a lot in recent months and its applications are endless. Today, even universities are beginning to approach this new digital universe.

During the pandemic, the majority of the world’s student population suffered interruptions in their education. Out of this dramatic and burdensome situation, the world of education began to look for solutions.

Despite the use of the best methodologies, including the creation and subsequent dissemination of educational platforms, not all target groups were reached.

The world of the Metaverse represents a shared virtual space that adds relevant elements. It can be reconstructed spaces where students and teachers are represented by digital avatars in a common space similar to the real one, but where innovative forms of teaching and research can be experimented.


From January, Niccolò Cusano University will enter the Metaverse. It will offer around 300 students the opportunity to attend lectures, apply their knowledge in teaching laboratories, and do research at European level with other universities. They can live an immersive experience of virtual didactics, inclusive and accessible to all in the meta-rooms of the Campus in Rome.

Source: TraMe&Tech

If until yesterday students could follow a course remotely via video uploaded online, without being able to interact with the lecturer, this will no longer be the case in the Metaverse. 


Rooms on the Rome Campus will be reproduced in a highly realistic manner, in which the student will be able to explore certain aspects or topics of the module in real time thanks to multiplayer 3D avatars, audio-visual chats, spaces and 3D models in real time.

In fact, teacher, in the form of an avatar, will be able to speak from the stage and activate videos and images on the large adjacent screens. In the centre of the classroom, there will be a podium that allows 3D models of objects and technologies to be presented in relation to the lectures.
Students will take their seats or be able to explore the environment and content.

In particular, Unicusano is focusing on various topics such as the world of drones, which, thanks to technology and the Metaverse, students will be able to study remotely and correct any damage to the noise produced by the blades even remotely. 

What Unicusano is betting on from its laboratories and faculties of Physics, Engineering and Psychology is a world to be explored.

Today’s challenge is not to miss the opportunity to exploit the positive aspects of online learning activities by making the way of working and studying online an integral component of education.

The Metaverse is becoming a place of study where one can actually learn remotely, a real breakthrough in education and beyond!

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