MasterUp: Revolutionizing the Role-Playing Game Experience combining Tradition and Innovation

The Magic of “Live” Role-Playing Games

Role-playing Games, often abbreviated as RPGs, are games in which participants take on the role of imaginary characters and move them within fictional worlds, interacting with other characters and the surrounding environment. Players build their characters in every detail, they determine their strengths and weaknesses, physical and mental characteristics, and their role. The narrative setting can be inspired by historical battles, movies or novels, or it can be purely imaginary. The role-playing game is a collaborative experience, where the creativity and imagination of the participants are fundamental to the creation of an engaging and exciting story. Players are guided by the Master, who plays the role of the narrator and referee.

Responsible for shaping the game environment, the Master guides the plot, interprets non-player characters, and manages events. Their ability to maintain a balance between challenges and narration directly influences the players’ experience. The Master is the guardian of the imaginary world, the one who creates an engaging context and reacts to the players’ choices, giving life to a collaboration that defines the unique features of each role-playing game session.

MasterUp: Elevating the “Live” Role-Playing Game Experience combining Tradition and Innovation

MasterUp is an initiative created by AR Market to enhance the “live” role-playing game experience. The project originated from a deep passion for RPGs and from the goal of helping Masters overcome the challenges they often face while creating engaging experiences. The lack of time and imagination in today’s society, combined with the logistical difficulties of finding and managing game materials, can put even the most experienced narrative masters to the test. MasterUp is designed as a complete ecosystem, a kit of both physical and digital tools created to amplify the players’ experience and, at the same time, it offers an innovative and engaging touch thanks to the AR Market’s experience in using augmented and virtual reality technologies.

MasterUp: the Complete Kit for “Live” Role-Playing Games

Portability is a fundamental element of the MasterUp project. For example, the kit includes a folding table turning into a bag to store game materials, magnetic modular maps that can be assembled, all   easy to transport. These tools allow players to bring their adventures anywhere, from the living room to a park outside the city or even a remote forest. The kit also includes a DM Screen with built-in monitor to enrich the plot with audiovisual content. A set of magnetic token holders completes the offer, allowing players to turn any token into an asset to play on magnetic surfaces (like the magnetic maps or table).

Regarding the digital side, the app with the software for game campaigns management transforms Masters into directors, offering them tools for real-time story management and AR/VR functionalities that amplify the narrative and involve the participants in new and funny ways. The maps powered by Augmented Reality allow to bring settings to life where the actions take place and players can interact with them, while the Virtual Reality experience offers deeper immersion in the fantastic worlds of the narrated adventures.

In conclusion, MasterUp is an unprecedented option for role-playing game enthusiasts, offering a complete ecosystem to make “live” gaming sessions more engaging and innovative. With its unique combination of physical and digital elements, MasterUp promises to enrich the gaming experience, but at the same time, to make it simpler and more accessible for the Master and the players.